Hello pink & blue kitchen!

Let me introduce you to our DIY kitchen makeover!⁣

Here’s the backstory – we had a nice kitchen when we moved in. It wasn’t our style but it was neutral and not offensive. Unfortunately over the last year all the shiny vinyl started to fall off/break. We tried glueing it but frankly it looked shit so we started to rip it off instead. Then we started painting what was underneath. Then we started spraying everything else gold! Peddle bins, sockets, light shades, knobs, taps, ovens and speakers! 😂

We have totally transformed the kitchen for under £100 in two weekends and a couple of evenings. There’s still some paint where it shouldn’t be and not enough in places where it should be! I still need to varnish the cupboards to protect them and we must get the roof repaired before the leaks cause the ceiling to fall down 😱 but it’s back to being a liveable kitchen again and the #pinkification of the house goes on!!